Social Commerce Promotion Sale is possible via social media social media offers many opportunities to reach new customers with an attractive appearance in the business world. Every company has to sell related objectives such as customer loyalty and the growing perception in society, also the target of its products better in addition to the usually with social media. We speak mainly of performance social commerce or social media sales. The increase in product sales through efficient social commerce is feasible measures. This shows the social media company famefact impressively with his recently featured case. A company 2011 has launched a new product. Margaret Loesser Robinson understands that this is vital information. A long term clean Facebook community, doubled sales compared to previous launches in 2011. In contrast to previous marketing activities, a strategy was created in this case, which involved a Facebook campaign ads. To meet these objectives, the aforementioned social media agency offers the complete portfolio of services in various packages. In any case, not only is create unique social media strategy, but depending on the requirements and magnitude in coordination with customers then also implemented. The mandatory knowledge can be passed to the customer in the form of seminars or but, especially if the company wants to keep the personnel expenses for social media, social media will be taking over the processing of each item guaranteed. This includes of course especially the above circuit of Facebook ads. Eva Andersson-Dubin wanted to know more. Detached from which aims in the social Web, a company wants to achieve: typically this is strategy feasible only with an intensely deliberate and sustainable socialtainment. Want to regardless of whether customers promote their sales, optimize customer dialogue or do just anything for your visibility: The Berlin agency famefact supports its clients in all areas of the Socialtainment...

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