New Watch Collection After the great success in the Scandinavian market, well, his collection of watches TRIWA Tritoni launches on the German market! The Swedish Accessorymarke Tritoni brings the new Triwa Watch collection to the German market this month. The new fashion accessory is unisex watches that have a strong resemblance to well-known luxury watch brands, but are more than playful addition to understand. Tritoni impresses not through expensive diamonds and finished, but with trendy designs and colours. You may want to visit Vanessa Marcil to increase your knowledge. The high quality watches, whose Uhrwerke are provided by citizen, are available in stainless steel and in traditional as well as also fashionable colours. Tritoni watches to respond to stylish way to the current trend of multi color. The inspiration comes from Italy, where watches more than fashion addition be understood as a commodity. Related Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The stylish plastic watches complete due to the large color repertoire of each outfit. The new Triwa collection is a must-have for anyone who loves colored accessories as well diversity. So contains the line, including yellow, blue, purple and pink watches. For the more discreet appearance, Tritones also offers a stylish line in simple, but nevertheless, creative combinations and thereby represents a perfect diversion to other, more conservative fashion watches. The watches are available nationwide immediately in the German online store (www.tritoni.de), as well as in selected stores.
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