CO2 fasting 40 days and at the same time, healthier and wealthier Munich, March 4, 2011 - conscious and healthier lives, save money themselves and the world CO2: the action of CO2 fasting involves CO2 reduction. Because CO2 causing climate change, the nature and creation destroyed. It is not difficult to reduce CO2 and are also healthier and wealthier. CO2 fasting is an action of the climate protection company of certified coolness in collaboration with the Jesuit church of St. Michael in Munich. What we need to do to save the environment and climate, improves our health generally, saves money and allows more time for the important things in life. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Tony Parker on most websites. CO2 saving pointlessly consume for example by less, eat less meat products, less driving, more foot walk or cycling, less time in front of the TV or computer sitting, etc. The CO2 fast action is free and anyone can join. It is intended especially for those that want to do something for the environment, without compromising on quality of life. It is one a fasting plan and an online escort. More details under of certified coolness the company was founded, to the subject of climate and environmental protection from the Musli corner"to pick up and bring it to the center of society. Certified coolness are private and business customers the opportunity to participate in the financing of CO2-compensation projects in emerging CE certificates of the UN and to offset own CO2 emissions: safe, transparent and simple. Everyone in the portions as he or she wants: no complicated calculations, but self-determination. Managing Directors are Arturo Amorim and Dr. Renate Muller. The company headquarters is in Munich. of the Jesuit church of St. Michael in Munich the Jesuit church of...
The New CD And DVD Of The Best Of Monika Martin All Personally The best of Monika Martin all personally - music special on March 05, 2010 in the MDR television appears on March 5, 2010 "best of Monika Martin very personally" on a double CD. The same DVD will be broadcast also on the same day of the NPI in the MDR." On the double CD "the best of Monika Martin very personally", the singer as well as two brand new titles granted not only an insight into their greatest musical successes such as "La Luna blu" or 'You were there when the summer came', but also a very intimate look in their person. So the listeners on the second disc of Monika Martin may experience "personally" in a 23-minute interview. She tells about the beginnings of her career, her love of youth, the family and some background of music. What is especially clear are their life philosophy and personal thoughts to their music. Appreciate you must be on the already mentioned, new songs: "Your secret (Nessun Dorma)" and "the prodigal Son". Monika Martin honors their singer mate Semino Rossi, whose Authentizitat especially you appreciate "The prodigal son". "Your secret" also represents a peculiarity: here Monika Martin as so often a digression in the classic makes, namely to one of the most beautiful arias from Giacomo Puccini's Turandot. The impressive, eponymous music DVD, 13 of the title in its success as a video clip located on the appears at the same time for the double-CD. These were set against the picturesque backdrop of the Croatian island of vis. Songs such as the single release "Every day is Valentine's day," from her album "You kissed me", inspire here as well as "The ride" and "Thank you for our time". The interview of the double-CD in moving pictures will take place between the videos.

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