Pathology People There may be a variety of fears. Disturbed sleep and appetite. Join bodily manifestations: headaches, palpitations, dizziness, and various digestive disorders. What help can you give these patients? As a rule, before you go to a psychiatrist, a man has time to talk with a therapist, a neurologist and other specialists who are not finding him Pathology, give advice to contact us. First of all, psychiatrist listens carefully to the patient, sometimes just that and not enough people more likely, then interviewed if necessary appoint drugs: minor tranquilizers and sleeping pills, antidepressants, to temporarily help the organism to survive stress. In no event should not take these medication for a long time, since most of them, with prolonged use, addictive. People to whom you provide such assistance, and to prescribe medication, should register themselves in the mental hospital? It is not necessary. Registration is assumed to put people with serious mental illness who need constant supervision and treatment. A reception at the advice of the clinic may come to anyone who feels the need. In the direction of a therapist or a neurologist performed a free reception, but if you come alone, you will need to pay a small amount in the Savings Bank. Whether you come to people's thoughts about suicide? Yes, but I can not say that very often. Typically, suicidal thoughts appear on a background of depression or as a reaction to severe stress. Most often this is due to the loss of a loved one or child, a sense of guilt. If suicidal thoughts or intentions are manifested clearly, the person can not be left alone. Such cases are a direct indication for hospitalization, because the doctor is responsible for the patient. Anna Belknap has many thoughts on the issue. But such cases are not always...

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