Canary Islands Essential ingredient in the preparation of various dishes of world cuisine. In Latin America is ingredient based on the preparation of traditional dishes such as arepas in Venezuela and Colombia, empanadas in Venezuela and Colombia, tamales in Central and South America, corn flour tortillas across America, but mainly in the North of Central America, and other preparations, such as hallacas in Venezuela, nacatamal in Nicaragua, pupusas in El Salvador, balls of cheese, in Venezuela. Represents special case the polenta, a preparation based on cornmeal, usually of coarse cornmeal. It is a very versatile Italian traditional dish that is cooked flour with water or some kind of broth or stock. The polenta has spread to different countries of the world such as Switzerland, Austria, Cuba, Hungary, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Romania and even in Japan. If you would like to know more about Tony Parker, then click here. You have many ways of preparation and service, from a few porridge to a fried block. There are several known types of corn flour such as flour corn precooked white: where the corn is cooked before grinding it. Learn more at this site: Michael Steinhardt. It is the modality more commercial and more practical for use at home or in the business of food. It is the flour used to make arepas and empanadas both Venezuelan and Colombian. Yellow pre-cooked maize flour: equal to the previous one but yellow, used to make tamales, empanadas and hallacas because it gives you a natural yellow color to preparations, without using dyes or the onoto. Peeled corn flour: is the resulting flour of corn boiled with lime, to deprive him of his shell, and then ground. Flour pounded corn: where to grind even raw corn and cook later. Toasted corn flour: where corn is roasted...

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