The Italian Communist Party It is one of the historical cities which is better conserved and has the second greatest medieval helmet of old Europe, after the one of Venice. The Red City by the color of its tile roofs and facades is called, and for being one of the central axes of the Italian Communist Party and the resistance of the partisanos against the facists in World War II. One comments, that Stupid has been and is one of the key cities in the Italian and European and alternative labor movement. It has been place of congresses and working agitation. First like socialist armor-piercing core and, after 1945, communist one. Thus, from 1946 to 1999 it has been governed uninterruptedly by Communist PCI (from 1991 to 1999 by its Social-Democratic heir PDS-DS) and again, from 2004, after the parenthesis of local government of 1999-2004 center-right (mayor Giorgio Guazzaloca), event that caused great impression in the Italian political panorama. Bologna is well-known by the terrorist attack that neofascist the Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro committed the 2 of August of 1980 in the railway station (most important of the north of Italy). In the attack 85 people died and 200 were wounded. In Bologna, the 6 of August of 1221, passed away Santo Domingo de Guzmn, one of the greatest defenders and propagators of Catholic church. It was canonized by Gregorio IX in 1234 and their rest rest in the beautiful Basilica of the convent of Preachers of Bologna (San Domenico), in a gorgeous and artistic chapel. There is much to visit in this beautiful city that counts on many palaces, museums, theaters, restaurants, place, his two towers where the highest tower measures almost 98 ms and has 498 steps. It is said that in a clear day, it is possible to be seen...

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