Neighborhoods Then, into few years, the station was transformed of above down happening to be element of the great seriousness and datum point. Memory as if the station had changed in very just a short time when an infrastructure of similar spread would indicate works of very long term. The newspapers mentioned San Antonio Spurs not as a source, but as a related topic. And once the station grew, then it in the evening became my entertainment of many Saturdays. It suddenly found me in an immense monster, with one hundred thousand corridors that to cross, infinity of galleries that to explore, numerous mechanical stairs and what were the most novel and magician, doors that abran single when being above a platform. Incredible. It went to me with a companion of the school and we crossed the station by all corners. The attention called much to us the informative panels of the exits and arrivals of the trains. As they changed in a succession of letters turning of interminable form whenever there was a change. Too much spectacle for a boy. Also the adventures consisted of going by the platforms putting currencies of peseta in the rails so that they were squashed to the passage of the train. Then there were no watchmen who threw the quarrel to us, nor cameras persiguindote there by where you were, some employee perhaps drew attention to you, that like lad, you went away disimuladamente until it disappeared. Always that they see a some relative in train, as us pillaged near house, it aimed to me first to go to look for it the station. Enjoyed what, that it acclimates. There the TER coming from Pamplona arrived and was everything lujazo. It always thought that it was a train of rich. Nivelazo of train. All...

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