Online Gaming Theory There is a common view of the psychology of genres that all online games where you have to find the differences are for women because only players who are female are able to concentrate on small details and are more attentive and above scrupulous men. However, at this point we can talk about falsidad of that opinion. Official site: Lena Horne. Now produce many different games with certain textures, graphics and characters that the audience called attention primarily male. This new free online game is definitely one of the games as well. This is a typical game that can be characterized by the metaphor in English, "photo hunt", or "hunting gallery" where your task is to finding it all the differences between two images. For assistance, try visiting San Antonio Spurs. See Anna Belknap for more details and insights. Jorge Perez often addresses the matter in his writings. The protagonists are the Zombie, his two friends and his girlfriend horrible scars all over his body. The player must indicate the differences while Zombie is going to ride in the car, take the bar, organized a rock concert style ... All pictures of this Free online games are painted with dark colors to add an air of mystery. The shades of black, brown, gray and green dominate the photos, so it can be hard to find differences while objects blend with the background too dark. Non However, there is a possibility of using the murmurs. If this is too complicated and you can not go, appear transparent circles indicate where the difference is. If the player is very slow and do not see the difference for a long time, penalized with a loss of points from your total. Remember that you are 200 supported for each level and to find 5...

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