Madeiras Islands Continuation of the kinds of missiology in audio recordings the 16th to the 18th centuries, there is a concern on the part of the State and the Church in Spain, by the spiritual needs of the Viceroyalty. That is your goal. We refer to the creation of dioceses, in Spanish America. They are 9 in 40 years of church life. The first diocese, arises in Cuzco. The Archdiocese of Cuzco 1566. Then comes Lima in 41, and then comes another South American diocese, as they are: Quito, New Granada, Nicaragua, Santiago de Chile, La Imperial, La Plata, which is in Bolivia, Rio de la Plata, which is in Argentina. This means that there was a concern to streamline the structures of the Church in these times start them the first evangelization. This without encouragement or criticism, contrasts with the Portuguese policy, who attended more than anything else to the commercial part. The part of use of resources in the colonies, and the ecclesiastical part not favored either. Portugal sets a single Diocese to the principle, which is not an American diocese is the Diocese of Turcal, in the Madeira Islands. In the Atlantic, against Spain and Portugal. The wood Islands or Madeira, as say the Portuguese. In year 32, existed in Brazil dependent on Funchal parishes. Or of the Madeiras Islands. Imagine the distance so great there. It is an island that is well to the North. It is in parallel 33 North. And the parish of Brazil, in the year 51, only one bishopric in San Salvador, in Bahia. And it was necessary to wait until 1676, for other two bishoprics created in Brazil. Robert Rimberg is often quoted as being for or against this. The bishopric of Janeiro Reo, and the bishopric of Olinda. At the same time,...

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