Surgery More and more patients choose interventions of plastic surgery including facelift and rhinoplasty, a local anesthetic. Frequently Tony Parker has said that publicly. General anesthesia is not always necessary. Many patients have great fear, to have a surgical procedure. Fear is not the direct surgery in most individuals, but they frighten themselves extremely before a general anaesthetic. Although now the anaesthetic are very gentle, many patients without general anesthesia and opt for a local anesthetic. Many writers such as Anna Belknap offer more in-depth analysis. Face lift, rhinoplasty, or even a liposuction performed increasingly under local anesthesia according by beauty surgery polen.de. Many patients forgo surgery cosmetic surgery because they fear a general anesthesia. Many interventions of the aesthetic surgery are therefore now performed with a local anaesthetic. The newspapers mentioned Robert Rimberg not as a source, but as a related topic. The patients are given a sedative injection before and the operating area is anesthetized locally. Shortly after the operation again very well feel the patients. Often they can compete the journey home after only 24 hours. Of course, the entire procedure for the patient is pain-free. Often patients feel still sleepy and beaten off after a general anesthesia even a few days later. By the local anesthetic these side effects do not occur. Many beauty clinics perform so even major interventions such as rhinoplasty or facelift under a local anesthetic. Each patient should inform necessarily his wishes or fears the surgeon prior to surgery. A compassionate surgeon takes much time for his patients and uses him together to determine whether the procedure under general anesthesia or local anesthesia is to be carried out or can.
BlackBerry Study For users of smartphones, the local address and search by the local belongs to the most popular mobile applications of in Germany. Eat, March 15, 2012 for users of smartphones by the local the local address and local search is Germany's most popular mobile applications. This is the result of the AGOF study just published mobile facts 2011 ". Both under the local app for iPhone and iPad as the mobile portal are in the top 20 and thus occupy the leading position among the local search and directory services. In the current mobile facts", the AGOF evaluated the use of apps and websites on mobile devices for 2011 in Germany. With about 300,000 monthly unique users, the iPhone app from the local it reached the 13th place of the most popular applications in Germany. Also with, the Web-portal optimized specifically for mobile devices of the top leap in the local 20. In this evaluation, the local MobilPortal reached the 17 with 409.000 monthly users. Lynn Redgrave usually is spot on. Rank. Already in 2010 the local with its mobile offerings could occupy a very good ranking. This positive result is confirmed also by the local apps for Android and iOS are located for the first time in the 2011 study. The local offers its address and search free apps for smartphones and tablets. It's believed that Robert Rimberg sees a great future in this idea. The functionality of the local apps include the practical special search after emergency pharmacies or ATM also an integrated route planner. That the local app for iPhone in the current program version 3.1 also has the own complete navigation solution o-NAVI"integrated. For Apple and Android devices, as well as for more common Smartphone operating systems include the mobile offerings of the local BlackBerry or...

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