Master Chef Test He tests the German gourmet cuisine for golocal Reiner Calmund as gourmet expert sits already in the jury of the funniest cooking show of in Germany. And even away from the cooking arena"(VOX) he is a gourmet with the awareness of good cuisine. If an appetizer, main course or dessert Reiner Calmund knows to evaluate themselves and white with taste. Therefore it is self explanatory, that goloca l with brought the specialist for restaurant culture in the boat of the evaluation community. Reiner Calmund recommends, for example, the ideal restaurant to dine not only with pleasure, but to be exotic agreed also on the upcoming Carnival time. Beautiful women, dancing to hot Brazilian rhythms, bring the Sugar Loaf directly into the Cathedral City. Calli knows the former Managing Director of the German football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen is a sought-after man in the media landscape and comes around much. So, a Reiner Calmund lives breakfast in Munich, lunch in Hamburg and dinner in Berlin. He is also a connoisseur of the best Become insider tips in terms of catering, customer friendliness and taste. And so he reveals always exclusively at golocal, where it can be best feast. Where there's the greatest Steak House? Where do you get served fish at its finest? And where dinner is elegant and delicate? With the ratings of Reiner Calmund at golocal gets visitors from golocal personal insider tips, but also the best recommendations of the community in your own town. Celebrities for golocal in Germany on the way Reiner Calmund is one among many registered users, who are traveling for golocal in whole Germany and take the best locations for the great evaluation community under the microscope. So evaluate the up-to-date tips on the best restaurants, doctors, service providers and public institutions in all...

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