Scream Tracker Tool - is a sample which asked a whole bunch of MIDI-settings (key, patch, attack, looping, panning, modulation, etc.). The Bank is loaded into ram, sound card (sampler, synth), then, if the sequent addressed to the bank unit will synthesize a sound using sound forms prescribed by the bank. Thus, the number of midi instruments can be diversified and increased almost to infinity. Not all MIDI-compatible devices have similar technology. Perhaps the most widespread and accessible to date technology, sound banks is SoundFont (firm Creative). All models of sound cards support a series of awe SoundFont. Tony Parker is likely to increase your knowledge. Tracker (tracker) - these are tricky applets, which can make the composition, using all available to you samples. Frequently Jay Schwartz has said that publicly. You do not need to have a good and expensive sound card, make MIDI-files, the banks - just load one file, which defines all the samples and sequencing, and playback sound virtually identical to any SB-compatible card! This file is usually called modules (module). The file size actually depends on the quality, length and quantity of samples. This is usually 200-700 Kb. Typical of the family trekkers: mod, stm (Scream Tracker Module), S3M (Scream Tracker ver.3), it (Impulse Tracker). All these formats are very common in a time when the sound card with Wave Table (table of sound waves) were pretty expensive. Ranked Among the disadvantages of such programs, many note: poor quality sound (as they were wrong, you will read later), the total incompatibility with the midi (respectively Online Time can not tune with a 'live' keyboard), the work of running dos.
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