Socialist Party " We are a reliable country in the payment of our debts and " must not on the matter have any doubt; , it has affirmed from the tribune, where it has indicated that what characterizes to the socialist policies is that " the left spends the money and the resources in policies of igualdad" and " that is our mark distintiva". This mention towards the expositions of Rubalcaba and the objective of the progressive policies brought about murmurs between the concurrent deputies. Alonso has assured that the Socialist Party has bet " histricamente" by the social policies and thus it will continue it doing. It has remembered that if it must in excess, there is to pay increasing interests that incapacitate to make any policy. The parliamentary spokesman has wanted to make clear that to settle down a fiscal rule in the Constitution " he demonstrates the commitment of Spain with responsabilidad" and he does not suppose, absolutely, cuts in the social cost. In addition, he has said that, if social expenses stand out, he will depend on the evolution of the economy and the decision of that it governs at every moment, but it has stressed that the PSOE will continue making of the social cost its distinguishing mark and its political commitment. Finally, the candidate has bet to maintain the stability financial to preserve the level of social conquests, by which the Socialists always have fought. PP: " Necessary, responsable" Just later, Soraya Senz de Santamara, spokesman of the PP, have explained in a very solemn tone why the reform is " necessary, opportune and responsable" and it has insisted on which the budgetary stability is a guarantee of the social policies and a reinforcement of the model of State. The deputy has made that " clear;...

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