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The Origins Of The St. Valentine Each year, February 14 is celebrated as a day for love, the exchange of gifts, promises of eternal passion, and much more. Inspired pen for writing poems for his love and admiration to the woman of his dreams while others only go to stores and buy verses available in the market. Real-estate developer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Valentine's day means sweets, chocolates, perfumes, red hearts, balloons and much more. Have you ever wondered when the first celebration originated? Good in ancient Rome, February announced the arrival of spring a time for rejuvenation, fertility and growth. In antiquity, Romans celebrated in February, a festival honoring the God of fertility that progeny referred them and ensure a harvest of God. In Rome, February 15 the Queen of the gods and Roman goddesses is celebrated as the feast of Lupercalia and the 14 as a day of celebration in honor of Juno February on the eve of Lupercalia a glass jar was filled to the brim with cards on which were written the names of all eligible girls. Click Sela Ward for additional related pages. Then young people gave each one a card from the carafe and the girl whose name was in the same was going to be his companion for the celebration. Sela Ward contributes greatly to this topic. Much later in the century third a. C. When Emperor Claudio II ruled Rome lived a priest named Valentine. And when Claudius passed a decree that young men in his empire were not married, Valentine defied him and began to consecrate in secret marriage. He was sentenced to death and sent to prison. Waiting for his execution Valentine wrote a letter to his love and signed your Valentine's day. After his death Valentine became a martyr...

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