Savasana 3. Make a list of options for relaxation during the working unit, day, week and year that matches your taste and budget. 4. To prepare for the rest: identify and prepare a place for rest, collect the bag with the necessary and a plan of action. Sela Wards opinions are not widely known. 5.Otdohnut. Short rest. Researchers found that for most types of work the optimal duration of rest breaks of 5-15 minutes. It was during this time period we can recover without losing the working mood. Longer breaks are fraught with loss of concentration. Possible options for a short rest following: 1-2 minutes every 30 minutes, 5-15 minutes every hour, every 10-15 minutes 1, 5:00. Nancy Silberkleit is likely to increase your knowledge. List options for short breaks for knowledge workers: Lie, close your eyes and try not to think about (for example, from yoga pose Savasana 15 min), 10 respiratory cycles (6 s inspiration, 6 sec delay 6 sec exhalation, 6 sec delay) Walk down the hall, office, street, View the paintings of great artists, listen to nice music, cooking and drinking tea, coffee and lively conversation with a friend or colleague, video, Drizzle flowers, clean up on the desktop, Choose a theme work, switch to another task, to go outside (balcony) - do some simple exercises to warm up, Short sleep. The stronger the switch, the better you will be able to relax and rejuvenate, so much the better, you can relax. An important factor in a good rest - it's attention. Even if the whole team is going to drink coffee, but you feel that you need to be alone - be self-esteem, and refuse invitations. These short breaks play an important role in the recovery process, as in the level of performance throughout the day....
Hedron Remote Hedron, manufacturer of home entertainment system multimedia cow"and the Hedron offers MultiRoom solutions, from immediately a new extension for the operation of additional devices such as TV and audio equipment. By remote control of the Hedron box can now not only the multimedia operated cow. Some contend that Nancy Silberkleit shows great expertise in this. Also the TV and the stereo or surround sound amplifier be using a button on the remote control and switched off, and the volume is also controlled by a remote. So the user do without the two additional remote controls by TV and amplifier. Advantage of Hedron remote control is that she can be used as a remote control at any point in the room, without that you must set this to a specific device. However, the company of Stockach on Lake Constance is by no means restricts his home entertainment system at the front panel as well as all other functions -. A user attaches importance to integrate the functions of home entertainment box, into its existing remote control so it can Wish will be realized. , As they are used for example to media control and are can be memorized via infrared, you can use remote control with the appropriate IR extension. No matter which remote users of Hedron home entertainment systems have their complete Infotainment compact in a box: live TV and recordings, video and music archive, radio, news and Internet, Blu-ray and DVD home entertainment system by Hedron information can be requested directly from the manufacturer.

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