Revolution The fact that often the parents for one question arises: How should I name my baby? A selection of the name of the expected baby is definitely a tricky business, a big load of serious responsibility lies with the moms and dads. Quite a long time for such case is treated with some unimportant, but now people are realizing even then that the name of a very strong influence on the character of the fate and health of the individual. Sometimes parents do not know what to call their child. Before the Revolution, gave the names of church list, and he was poor, and many people anoint some names, but nowadays it is not good, because in school or kindergarten will be in the group of so many children who have similar names and will therefore be necessary to name call boys and girls. Learn more on the subject from Adam Sandler. But we should not unnecessarily bend the stick at the same time to find unusual and rare names, and still learn the meaning of the name of the kid and then find a positive and successful name your baby. By the way do not desirable baby name for kin, a baby can inherit their fortunes and character, it is important that it was a personality. Given names can be up to 2 times, the first name is always called the parents for the second time pravozlavny father in the process baptismal name-ie, in the 18 century birthday celebration for most people means, rather than their name, and celebrated this Orthodox holiday with great diligence, and in the present day can not equate fit. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker.
Art Materials Workshop Only permissible, original prints works (major and specialized companies in Argentina are working with professional charges to those who use this system apocryphal copies of images with copyright reserved. We have a technical department of the image to verify this point) to excellence of this show, please respect this and not send copies works. The classification is divided into three categories (Beginner, Intermediate-Advanced) Basic or Beginner Level: "This level is especially concentrated in the flowers. He hopes the finished work is very well done. - Images must be coordinated, eg.: Branches should not be higher than the leaves, feet should not be in the air and all items must be in perspective with respect to others. - The form must be realistic. - The color of the borders should not have marks of bleeding. Intermediate - This level is especially concentrated in feathered bird and animal fur. - At this level work must not have errors or defects. - The feathered should be fine and relatively regular. - If the image is very soft or bird, you should not run away as this will make the bird look choppy. "The double or triple peaks are not allowed. "The bodies between birds and animals must be without holes or spaces between the layers. "In the short-haired animals should be used embossing technique. Eg.: Horses or cows. Advanced Level - This level concentrates on scenes marked depth, sea or countryside landscapes, buildings or people. - This expert level, the work must be outstanding. - There are double images or holes allowed. - If the fund is a fine work it is not necessary. - Transparent material can be used to simulate glass windows behind Winning entries were selected for the sample. It erected a 1st and 2nd Prize and Award Special mentions...

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