Earth Distance Can you imagine such a long flight to the sun without a single stop? For those who prefer to drive a car ... it would have gone on more than one life. Get more background information with materials from Nancy Silberkleit. It would take 200 years, not counting stops to refuel and rest! However, light travels the distance in a mere 8 minutes and 20 seconds! Leave the sun and transferred to the nearest star. We already know that the sun is at 4.3 light-years from Earth. If we construct a scale model of the Earth, the Sun and the nearest star, we obtain the following. At this scale, the Earth will be the size of a grain of pepper, and sun-sized ball diameter of 20 centimeters. In accordance with the this large-scale model, the distance from Earth to the Sun will be 24 meters, a quarter of the length of the field in college football. However, remember that for an aircraft in this model to cover a distance of 24 meters will require more than 21 years. Therefore, if that is the ratio of the Sun and Earth, how far will be the nearest star to our Earth, the size of a grain of pepper? You hardly have imagined that the nearest star is at a distance of 6,500 miles from our list seed! To reach the nearest star to the plane, it would take 51 billion years to fly without landing! That is 51 000000000 years! However, the light from the star reaches the earth for 4.3 years! And the stars that you at night you can see with the naked eye, are at a distance of hundreds to thousands of light years.

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