Online Workshop On The Topic Of Pensions Who would not like to after a busy life... Boxer has many thoughts on the issue. Who wants to enjoy his well-earned retirement without financial worries don't like for a busy life. With the statutory pensions alone that will probably no longer be possible in future. Many consumers have already recognized that. Your own retirement is a very important point in the individual life planning. Due to the many of ways to prevention it but not exactly most people, easy to make even the right decision. Many wonder how to begin, what is really meaningful for me and what should I pay attention. Answers to these and many other questions received the participants in the online workshop? Own pensions make stress-free and clever (advance) plan"by the FinanzplanTeam. This online workshop is suitable for all self-employed persons and dependent, who want to take their pension like himself in the hand. At the beginning of the workshop participants first of all determine the current status of their pensions and see that at a glance, whether the existing provision is already sufficient or there is still a supply gap. Once everyone has set his individual supply objective, be discussed following the individual pension options and pointed out advantages and disadvantages. If necessary, participants can clarify to any questions with the head of the workshop. At the end of the workshop, each participant in the position to develop an individual strategy to secure his personal pensions useful is. In the scope of the workshop and numerous calculation tools include personal care by the workshop leader, which the participants all over yourself to perform the necessary calculations. Previous experience is not necessary, it must be just a computer with Internet connection, a Windows operating system and a Microsoft Excel version 97 available. Next online workshop?...
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