Alcohol Drug in quarrel: Alcohol For: Rgina Slia Dures Amaral Reading of the Alice personage, alcoholic in the film: When a Man loves a Woman. Direction: Darren Mandoki Luis, Production: Jordan Kerner and Jon Aunet, U.S.A., 1994, 01 DVD (125 min), son.color. Pop star has much experience in this field. The film shows some effect of the alcohol of well realistic form portraying the trajectory of alcoholism in a steady and full familiar nucleus of love. The actress, Meg Ryan, in the paper of Alice, is a woman who initiated the use of the alcohol for if only feeling (justification that it of to the husband), what ' is common in user to justify the use saying is filling one; ' falta' '. What Alice did not perceive, was that each time plus it in such a way searched the alcohol at the solitude moments, how much at the moments of pleasure with its husband. It has been distinguished that Alice lived moments of pleasure with alcohol. all drug arrives being ' ' owner of festa' ' providing pleasure. Freud tells that the search for the pleasure is an imperative of the life and is potencializada by the consumption society. possible to perceive the entrance more than each time the alcohol and of the upheavals decurrent of the use and abuse of the alcohol, in the life of Alice, the point to leave with one the children and to forget it in a store and if not to remember the places that were? here it portraies the amnesia - what it is common in alcoholism. Each time more, Alice searched doses bigger as escape or for pleasure, falling in another very worse trap? the dependence. It was visible in Alice Riots of Anxiety, sleep, aggressiveness, drunkeness, destruction of the family, as...
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