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Limits Judgment To go down ' ' of salto' ' he does not mean more to go to the meeting of the students, in ' ' baladas' '. It was good for putting below an exceeded model, but, inevitably, he gave to place the abuses, not fulfilment of rules. Terms as it disciplines and authority causes arrepios of horror. One forgot that the relation professor pupil is necessarily hierarchic, but with not ditatorial respect and. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robbie Lawler. From there a constatao, the professor is not felt ashamed in not controlling? rebellion? of the students for not fulfilling with the rules of it disciplines pertaining to school and the pupils it does not have shame to lack frequently to the lesson for foul motive, not to make the house lesson, not to make silence while the master explains; however it will be the bond created between professor and pupil exceeded the limits, not having respect of both the parts? As object of reflection in this context, disciplines we associate it to a good position, that is a social inheritance that comes of remote times. When somebody acts without position, that is, displaying its judgment the judgment of outrem is natural that critical refusals appear, therefore fearful that we are to the negative judgment of another person, is that certainly we have? formed? the same judgment of it, however for sharing the same values it is what it takes in them to think on such attitude! However what note now is a jib in the pedagogical model of some schools, the least in what says respect to the preference of the educators and ' ' algumas' ' families when they participate of the pertaining to school life of the son: the popularity of the liberal schools diminishes...

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